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/Low Price High Quality Aluminium Doors Window Profile Section For Sliding Window Algeria

Low Price High Quality Aluminium Doors Window Profile Section For Sliding Window Algeria

extruded industrial aluminium profile with 60 series

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Low Price High Quality Aluminium Doors Window Profile Section For Sliding Window Algeria


 We have a professional R&D team to design custom parts for your extrusion needs, and we have a lot of ready-made moulds that can save your cost and time. We offer ODM/OEM service, CAD Drawing and mould design base on your sample. 10-15 Days for mould production and sample testing, with refundable mould cost. Mould test and sample verification before mass production.

China Aluminium profile for Algeria 

Door & Window Aluminium Profile

Window and Door aluminum profile can be used in a large number of residential, commercial and industrial applications. These include door and window frames, sliding door sills, and window stiffeners. The window and door aluminum profile are made from material that does not wrap or rust, and hence can be used in outdoor settings as well as indoors

Price Advantage(compare to most of other Chinese factory):

1.Lower labor cost

2.Lower land cost

3.Lower tax cost

4.lower ingot price

we are in China local city, and the larggest enterprise in our city, supported by local govement

Material (Aluminium Ingot price) is cheaper than GuangDong(Foshan)

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